Gold Hands

Le festival des mains d'or

Around 10H of work. Made for a artcon.

Music by order :
- Auquid - One Minute Before
- Auquid - Midnight
- Auquid - Dreaming
- Auquid - Let Yourself Go
- Auquid - Traffic
- Auquid - Walk Away

Game in Super Heroes

Game In Super Heroes
Around 27H of work for this paint. I draw marvel and dc on the same place because I love thoses two universes for differents reasons.

Music by Order :
- Blue Giraffe - Debstep Opener
- DJ CreySis-Dj CreySis - stop the thought - volume one
- DJ CreySis-Dj CreySis - relax dubstep
- DJ CreySis-Dj CreySis - Despair

Bianca Vampire

Bianca is a blind vampire. Around 28H of work. Sorry I forgot to record the first sketching steps.  

Bianca Born
Bianca Fight
Bianca Diplomate
Bianca's Life
Bianca - Vampire

Music : Chiasm Disorder, Isolated, Chiasm

Interview - Illustrateurs

Lors de la convention Au delà du Dragon à Montpellier, j'ai eu la chance d'être interviewé par Rôliste TV ^^. On y parle de ce qui se passe dans la vie d'un illustrateur, une mise a nue du métier, voyez par vous même :

Outre moi-même, les autres illustrateurs interviewés sont : Jems et Tania Sanchez Fortum

This is not a Ruby

This is not a ruby

5h48 of work !
More At :
Music from NoCopyrightSound :

Game In Harry Potter

Affiche Game In harry Potter !

Around 30H of work, Illustration made for the "Game In Harry Potter" event !
Final illustration :,large.1481764613.jpg
More At :
Music : Auquid - Within

Animasia le Haillan

Affiche Animasia le Haillan 2017 - Reika La kitsune

Paint for the Animasia le Haillan convention, around 30h of work.
Timelapse here, musique Butterfly Tea - Asian Universe